Dispatch Services

We provide dispatch service for a wide range of businesses. Starting from taxi services to medical services we cover everything that your transportation business requires when it comes to assisting your customers with their needs and inquiries. We have professionally trained dispatchers who will be ready to face any challenges that come up on a daily basis while dealing with customers.


When you look at the dispatching job from the outside it looks like one of the easiest jobs you can find. Now it looks that way since it seems like all you need to do is answer calls and book cabs for the customers. But there are a lot more things involved in a dispatchers' job description other than just sitting on a chair and answering calls. Let me sum up how an entire day of a dispatcher goes down here.

Are you a small cab company? Struggling to keep up with your drivers?

As a small transportation company owner you do have lot of challenges involved running your business, if you are not managing your fleet or booking calls the worst thing which can happen is your business can go down to almost 70%, that's how the competition is nowadays, people have lot of other options, just think about the pain of arriving to a location and your customer is already gone, not just booking calls we are also talking about monitoring your fleet and maintaining communication between both drivers and passengers with maintaining daily reports to solving lost and found issues etc this reduces lot of your cost and get you more likes online, who wouldn't like to deal with a good cab company.

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