Inbound Sale

Inbound sales is the process of focusing on individual buyers and their personal needs, points of pain, frustrations and goals. As an Inbound salesperson, it’s essential to prioritize the buyer’s needs before your own.


Think about it this way: when you’re cold calling a lead, is it because they’ve expressed to you that they need your product or service in order to be successful, or are you making a large assumption? The bread and butter of inbound sales is that it encourages buyers to hand that information to you, so you DON’T have to make sweeping assumptions.

Problem And Solution-Oriented Sales

What’s really great about inbound sales is the relationship you and your prospect can build because of information. Because you have an abundance of valuable information about your prospect from their involvement in your marketing process, you can relate to them more easily and keep the conversation problem-oriented (as you help them identify their issue). Then, you can supplement with solutions-oriented discussion once their problem has been fully defined.